About Vytenis (Startuper)

Hi, I am Vytenis (it is spelled like We Tennis) Pakėnas – a young, how ever experienced in IT sphere and Startups building guy, sharing my insights on the topics I care most:

  • business development,
  • business processes optimization using IT solutions,
  • business environment for a fresh technological teams in Lithuania,
  • startups and startup ecosystem,
  • challenges in daily activities and the ways to overcome those.

The main aim of this blog is to share the lessons learned and to increase awareness of the topics I care about. Being able to speak up I would like to connect with you in the comments.

If you need professional services I can help you as:

  • a consultant on the online product development,
  • product development manager who has technical skills and backgrounds,
  • business processes analyst with the aim to increase productivity using IT solutions,
  • product and/or system architect.

Oh, and I can code and have a team of professionals around so if there is some free time we can discuss about the custom development jobs.

My personal backgrounds come from being a nerd (with a social life^^) at the school (Balčikonis gymnasium), studying Bioinformatics (drop out) and Management Information System (finished, yay!) at the Vilnius university. In my professional career I`ve been working with web based projects since 2006, starting with 2011 I`ve move on into building my own business full time (first “wanna be startups” had their seeds planted at early 2008).

In 2011 together with my colleague Andzelika we have started a market place for handmade items crafters and artists called Crafts World, in 2013 together with other cool people we`ve started building JobRely.

The professional experience I have gained in ares of different online tools (including ERPs, CRMs, Project managament, etc) , business processes analysis, eCommerce helps me to earn some bread by doing private consulting.

If you want to find out more – ping me by the mail vytenis (at) mood (dot) lt. Or find at LinkedIn (/in/vytennis) ^^

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