Day one – drawing the line how open to be


As I have promised just a day ago, I become open and start sharing my daily planning (which was done only on a paper before). How ever I am returning into the same issues most of bloggers do have – how open to be. As we are working on a project which should change the way recruitment currently works we are feeling quite messed up:

  • If we share what we are doing before launch – current competitors can easily change the way they are working and kick as out of market before we even start
  • If we do not share – we might create a product that is not used
  • If our focus group (potential users we trust) is badly targeted – we will create a product which will be not used as widely as we would wish.

So I`ll try to hide some of my daily activities under the stars (you ********* I will **** *** **).

Money orientated* activities

  • Write to potential (old) customers to check their current needs.
  • Visit G******** (in future it will be just G) and make an agreement for the contract. Before update prepared mockups.
  • Set up and plan Lukas & Matas activities.
  • Evaluate CraftsWorld custom modules pricing for the Russian market.

JobRely orientated activities

  • Funding recheck and status update with S***********, I**********,
  • Set up meetings date with I******** B******,
  • Fix the footer issue on mobile devices
  • Finish Company back end Adm** *******
  • Review team tasks done

Other activities

  • Connect twitter and this blog, finish up with cname records of
  • If enough of time left – visit a pitching training to catch up with the startup community
  • dedicate time reading up and growing the knowledge of proper usage of Git.

To finish this my post short comment about how do I see the current startups in Lithuania:

IMO huge hype of startups is shrinking now and slowly is returning to its normal state – technology people again are identifying startups with technological ideas development and realization to life with a relatively small (comparing with major corporations) budgets. people who believe in easy money are either leaving or starting to code (or really invest money) instead of bragging coders on how awesome idea they (idea man) have and how the coder should work for a bred, water and wested shares while the “business” people  are the brain (doubtfully).

So here is my short intro, in the evening I will write about this topic more. And it woun`t be “look at the nice community and huge opportunities, easy money” post ^^.

*I am not forgetting the quality. It just identifies freelancing, consultancy and management work for which I am payed.


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