Day Six – Evening Review and memories of wanna be partners


Feeling tired as a horse after the long day, therefor only short review what was not done:

Payed work:

  • review the Drupal solution request (new lead)
  • >customer will approach tomorrow morning


  • new batch of testing
  • > not ready yet ://
  • development unfinished from last week
  • > not everything is finished

As you see, performance is not the perfect. When looking back I would say I spent only 8 productive hours + extra hour to help one friend to prepare for the job interview as a product manager.

And before sleep my short story from the startups life: during the work with Crafts World I have met a few guys of my age who were really enthusiastic about the project. They shared the same story (tho I would say they never ever meet each other): I have really the same idea, so lets cooperate. I can also invest some money! With my partner Andzelika we waisted some of our time mingling with them, trying to get to know each other better and so on. At the end of the day lesson learned was quite simple: if you want to check if somebody is suitable for partner position when you need not only money, but some work too – give him/her some tasks with strict (and agreed by both sides) deadlines.

None of the potential partners finished their tasks they promised to do, none of them created a competition for us. At the end I am not sure if even they had the money they were offering… So be careful with potential partners!


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