Day Six – the Start of the Week

Good Monday morning!

The new week have started so before planing the current week and day it is important to reflect what has been done. As it is not something really interesting for you I`ll just say that day cutting into parts have worked for me to increase my productivity a bit. Also I feel less often that part of my work doesn`t get as much attention as needed. How ever I will need to learn to switch parts of the day when meetings with clients are at the second part.

For those of you wondering what did happen yesterday (Sunday): I decided that on weekends I`ll blog whenever I feel ready for that. And that one blogpost is more then enough. Therefor my Saturday post (read it if you haven`t!) was all you received for the weekend. For Sunday I did some work on the clients project, went out mushrooms picking, had a great meal and spend more quality time with my GF. At the evening, of course, watched basketball and lost the toto :/ At the very last game.

Todays plan is simple: to be as productive as possible:

Payed work:

  • find the agreement on G contract,
  • review the first design works for the G,
  • analyze eCommerce solution request (new lead),
  • review the Drupal solution request (new lead)


  • weekly meeting preparation
  • team tasks review
  • new batch of testing
  • development unfinished from last week

So for now I think it is enough, it is time to start working!


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