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Change of Concept for the Blog

The time I was not posting here was very productive in a sense of growing business. How ever quite frequently I felt bad. Bad about not posting here. Therefore I declare a change:

I`ll write not more then three paragraphs. And I will try to be as brutal honest as possible.

Three is enough to cut the crap and go straight to the point. Easier for me, maybe easier for you to?

Risks of loosing focus. Business and sports

8517733992_e4db3ce19a_oThis post is inspired by the football. I see a lot of connections between the sports and business. After following the match today between FK Ekranas and FK Kruoja I see one more parallel – there are a lot of people/business who get blinded by the current result even the match is not finished yet. And this is very dangerous.

Before going to the causes and how to avoid I jut would like to highlight some of the negative affects this “dream” could cause:

  • Loosing to other competitor because you underestimate him;
  • Loosing concentration and therefor lovering the total result (not reaching the full potential);
  • Increasing the amount of resources needed to achieve the final result;
  • Creating the inside conflict among the team members.

It is scary when you think. If you are not reaching your (team) full potential this means that you are loosing. Loosing against yourselves…

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Electors Manifesto


This blog post will be unusual. I will not analyze or reflect my experience in startups. Today I am writing more about my view as an active citizen and as a person who votes. Votes with a belief for the progress. Votes with a hope that things will change for the good. And who gives his trust to some party/political figures.

I will try to polish during the days this manifesto. How ever please understand that this is important for all businesses. Fair and strong politics are key figures for the economical growth of a country. Also they (politics) set the rules for our playground in startups by pushing/changing different laws. And at the end we have either positive or negative impact to our (I mean small businesses/entrepreneurship/educational) growth. Continue reading

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Friday planing


I didn`t write yesterday cause was really busy working and had nothing to share with you except tasks lists. And from google analytics + some other tool (I track you ^^) I see that majority of you are not interested in tasks. I will not stop doing this so somebody would get an idea how does it look to work for yourself. But for now if I am really busy – I am not posting and doing stuff. If I have my minds flying somewhere around (decreased productivity) – I`ll focus on blog. And productivity will return!

So yesterday we made a step front with the visualization part at JobRely.  Got a new contract for development works. Managed to get closer to one more finished eCommerce project. Also started playing with Jira bugreporting visual tool (Thank you Vaidas). And installed OC for Andzelika.

What is happening today? Well I already did some communication part, how ever most of the focus will come to finalization of a few payed works:

  • to agree about the design with G (Matas made a few examples),
  • to finish hf template coding,
  • review what can be done with OC installation (DNS issue),
  • if time left – some diggin` into the JobRely code.

This evening I am going to Toma`s parents, so I am not sure if Ill be able to write a blogpost and updates.


Friday sum up


After our basketball win I`ll be short and will celebrate the game by watching a movie, sleeping enough.

What was not done:

  •  Go through testing responses and fix issues
  • >many left not fixed
  • Solve jQuery and Mootools conflict (brrr)
  • >didn`t get a deep look enough
  • Do a workout
  • > Ups, lazy me..:/

So that`s it, folks! Its friday :)


Hello world once again!

Hello dear readers,

In this post I would like to share the reasons why I am coming back to the same old idea of bloging. Also to let you know what you can expect during the upcoming month. Or more.

After reading the blog post by Rokiškis Rabinovičius I have caught  myself thinking: why irrationality stops the growth of JobRely. Afterwards I have started an intensive self analysis and understood, that:

  • If something is not changed by me I will loose control of my current life (scary, huh?)
  • Finances will become a big issue for me soon if I continue working on JobRely.
  • Personal life will become fucked up and afterwards it will start rolling down the hill.
  • Distraction comes too often to my daily work.
  • Quite often I do work (tasks) about which I am not happy.

So what can I do? First I must agree that to solve problems I need to make unpleasant actions. And afterwards accept the outcome. While thinking what motivates me, empowers to collect all the strengths, accumulate and use the power inside towards the goal I understood the same old thing I had understood from time to time before:

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