Day three – the friday planing

Good morning. This morning post will be short and without longer sharing about the personal experience. Have some urgent works so saving my time. Not to waste your time, shortly before evening:

Casual startup change members, cofounders can be changed as well. So check with whom into bed work you are going. And run a “trial” before promising any shares. A person that is good at payed job is not always the same good on voluntary work with a salary far far far away. I experienced that. Not once.

Now the daily planing.

Payed work (already started before posting here):

  • Finish negotiating G budget and prepare draft contract
  • List the changes/improvements for Russians.
  • Set up tasks, transition the knowledge, mood, visitor profile and needs to the designer
  • Set first sales activities together with Lukas
  • Update this blog “about me” section with services I provide (yeah, baby, you are being used while reading this blog^^).


  • Go through testing responses and fix issues
  • Edit system (eg. managed through translations) texts
  • Solve jQuery and Mootools conflict (brrr)


  • Go through all the blog issues/improvements and finish parametrization so only new posts would be needed (For month) from me here
  • Do a workout



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