Day two Evening – Importance of a Professional Team (I)

Good evening, dear readers.

One more “public day” went I am sitting in front of two blue screens. In one I can see my reflection, another shows basketball (I am fan of football, but this madness have sucked me in). Because I`ve heard some complaints that it is more interesting to read my minds then my daily performance I`m changing the “template” of my posts.

The topic I wanted to touch is the team formation and how it might look. At the early stage you have no other resources then your and your colleagues time. How ever selecting right cofounders is a huge challenge. I`ll start with different kinds of team start and will elaborate more tomorrow on this topic.

The team formation can start either from one person or from a few friends who decided to come after the great/crazy idea. From here start the interesting things: who forms the need. Or in other words: what kind of skills the main cofounder has.

I have seen three kind of initiators:

  1. People with technical skills doing what they like/can do and afterwards facing the market validation (growing base of users, income, other indicators).
  2. People with some kind of backgrounds/experience in the field startup is. They tend to call themselves BizDevs.
  3. People who have no real clue about the area, about how things can be done but have a huge eager to “make something”. And are running around speaking about the how awesome their idea is^^.

Because of different backgrounds each group of initiators use different ways to attract team mates. And I was in this hunting process myself, I was hunted too (I let myself today not to touch cases related with hires.) so how does it look?

Developers don`t look intentionally for people with specific backgrounds. They share what kind of case do they have with people surrounding them. Or keep quite, but people notice by themselves. Because of that quite many “glory hunters” are around. The one who talks most, annoys most intensive, tries to be as close as possible manages to reach the spot of a team member. After some time calls himself CEO or marketing person.

How ever because of the natural balance in the team if the “hustler” overcomes the developer with ideas what has to be done in most cases the results are dropping. The product that was originally owned by a person who knew what to do in a small scale turned into the product marketing wants and believes that and users need (which quite often is a false belief). In the success stories you hear developer met the good CEO and they formed the real team, how ever you don`t hear about the half of teams (another half is not the success side, tho. The reasons are different there) where product was killed, “pivoted” to something not useful and team separated and/or left the product.

As I promised before, will try to control my sleep regime, therefor it`s time to finish the topic and leave you wondering how other kind of initial teams are formed, how early cofounders by the initial team are hunted or found, what kind of issues people face.

About my performance today. I did not:


  • Prepare budget for G, start preparing the contract,
  • >Didn`t get comments for the budget so saved time preparing what is not needed yet.


  • Try to fix a bike tire (not sure if it will work, but want to get back my own transportation)
  • > It`s broken :/ Will have to buy a new one
  • add posting tags for previous posts and do some minor google seo. Make a public list in this blog regarding the promised future blogposts.
  • > Might do that today, how ever now feeling lazy and the importance is not the highest for this task.

To sum up daily performance was quite ok. It could be better and will be tomorrow.

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