Day two – morning planing and feeling shitty

Good morning,

Hope all is going good with yours. For me the eyes are clapping, I am feeling sleepy, got out of the bed at 7:45 instead of 7;/. Note for myself: need to keep the sleeping schedule or my rest woun`t be as quality as needed. Or will feel each morning as I had a hangover before.

Daily planing:


  • Prepare budget for G, start preparing the contract,
  • Make angry calls to some lazy people who own me money for works
  • Meet Lukas and start his transition
  • To follow up our sales to Russia


  • Finish the companies part
  • Review the testing comments and fix small issues
  • Prepare for the evening skype call
  • Find out more about I**** with a person (Kr…) who was in contact with them before


  • Try to fix a bike tire (not sure if it will work, but want to get back my own transportation)
  • Move DNS hosting from IV to Hostex (still cname records are not changed. A shame for IV), add posting tags for previous posts and do some minor google seo. Make a public list in this blog regarding the promised future blogposts.

As you see, more dedication to JobRely to compensate yesterdays time looses.

What I want to share this morning from Startups life is the need of support from the people who surround you. It is an old as a world telling that you need to have somebody close to you. When you are giving almost everything you can for some project/product even you are not sure if it will workout, people around you sometimes are the only reason why you don`t quit. Because nobody else cares till you make it. And usually you always plan to do everything faster then in reality it goes.

In my case when starting CraftsWorld I had savings for a half year if living normally or a year if you are saving. It turned out that I had to use this money for two years and in addition do freelancing. If my gf wouldn`t be as supportive as she is, I believe we could have run in many fights because of the priorities (where to dinner, where to go for vacations, what kind of flat we should rent, how much time we should spend together not facing computer, why we are not married yet etc.). We ran into some, but the amount of fights, comparing to what could be with not so supportive person is 1 against 100. The same goes when we are talking about my parents and brother – if not their support I might ended up quiting and working in some safe well payed IT job (I still get the offers!). How ever when some things don`t turn out to be as planned (CraftsWorld) I wouldn`t have balls to start a new  even riskier journey with JobRely.

So I thank for people around me, you shouldn`t forget their input as well. Even if you had a shitty day and you feel that your extra effort for them was not spotted. The life is not going around you.

At least while you are not in the center of the world burning in magma.


One thought on “Day two – morning planing and feeling shitty

  1. logika says:

    Very cool blog! Having been entrepreneur myself, I can definitely relate. It is a tough situation, where you need a lot of input but also lack energy to process and make sense out of it… Best of luck! I will keep reading!

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