Moday: Why there are no universal “1-2-3 Success!” path

Good morning,

I received a comment made by Povilas about his expectations towards content in my blog. The main idea (as I heard it) is: you shouldn`t write about yourself, you should write more about the startups world, tips and tricks,… And he has a point here. The reason of blogging here should be not to show off. It should be to share experience.

And actually it is sharing of experience just maybe I set a bit too high requirement for myself to write each day twice. Why I did that? Well in different startups (mine as well) I see quite much actions which are not planned. Or planned for the wrong time. And personally see this as an issue: “even if you want to use the opportunity, you shouldn`t close/cancel what you have done so far”. So to find this needed balance is the biggest issue for me. And I believe for quite many self funded startups.

Another thing is the different nature of startups, their experieces, etc. Remember yourself in uni/school. Any of you might seen the situation where the colleague have studied less and got the higher grade then you did. Here you could draw a line by saying “He got lucky / he had the experience”. I would suggest to start analyzing the situation and start looking for the small bits you could use.When you see different startups (that`s why I started and not finished yet the series about how cofounders meet each other) you see that their nature is also really different.

From my experience: in my first “wanna be startup” we were 6 students. We managed to get EU funding under the company I was working in, we did analysis, etc. etc. We had a great developer which we didn`t use at all. We had huge delays because of our unexperience. It was a failure. But we got money from it!

CraftsWorld – me and Andzelika. More experience, more understanding, huge mistakes (especially at the finances) and a bad timing. A lot of miscommunication, not as strong team as needed for a marketplace project.

JobRely (still going) – team of real professionals. Dedication issues, different natures, half of the team already changed. More experience with VC and understanding that sometimes it is a way better without them. Different experience of working with way stronger people as you are. It is a plus for the accumulated knowledge of the startup. Sometimes it is a minus for making small needed actions or lowering the expectations.

I am not touching other experiences of my friends at the startups world. How ever you can get an idea that there is no 1, 2, 3 steps towards the success. There are 394485383948329 steps of which you never know if the step no 484884 was a game changer or not.

Therefor this blog is a first person shooter. It shows the view from my eyes. It is sometimes boring. Some times negative thoughts can be read here more. Positive experiences are celebrated with friends and gets here only a few lines. And this leads to being to so well covered here in blog.

How ever I am reading your comments. Reacting to them. My writing style is an issue for me myself. And I am trying to change it, how ever it will go for years. I will make reviews of my blogposts (and to those now) so the future readers would eat the information easier.

But to be clear and to set the expectations right: I will not write in the matter I don`t like. I will not ignore things not interesting for you. Or sometimes will not elaborate more. It is a personal blog. Of a person who is working for the awesome JobRely project. With an awesome team. Just wait for it;)

Thank you for your comment, thank you for reading.


P.S. you like it or not, but majority of the startups in Lithuania are not backed up by some angel/vc. This means, that the freelancing part can not be crossed out. And this experience can also be adapted.


Daily tasks planning:

– write a blog post (done)

– do the G communication (done)

– G meeting and design finalization

– JobRely weekly summary + testing comments review

– JobRely development


One thought on “Moday: Why there are no universal “1-2-3 Success!” path

  1. Povilas says:

    Thank you for the response. Actually, you shouldn’t change your blog personally FOR ME, but I think my opinion wouldn’t be much different from a *default reader*.

    Because if you write a diary for yourself, don’t make it public. Otherwise – please write for *readers*, not for yourself.

    And this exact post of yours is definitely better. Facts from your life, some thoughts/conclusions from them. So, really interesting. Keep up!

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