Day one: Evening review + How do I see startups in Lithuania

Wow. Once again I am happy about the social media and contacts (friends, colleagues, random people, Emperor of the universe, others..) who are sharing my blog. Even during my lunch time while I wasted 10 minutes on FaceBook I noticed that the blog without the content (sadly it looks like that) can get a lot visitors. And had to catch myself, lift up and throw into the window…s notepad++. So returned to work. And now I have finished a long post on how do I see the current startups nature.

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Day one – drawing the line how open to be


As I have promised just a day ago, I become open and start sharing my daily planning (which was done only on a paper before). How ever I am returning into the same issues most of bloggers do have – how open to be. As we are working on a project which should change the way recruitment currently works we are feeling quite messed up:

  • If we share what we are doing before launch – current competitors can easily change the way they are working and kick as out of market before we even start
  • If we do not share – we might create a product that is not used
  • If our focus group (potential users we trust) is badly targeted – we will create a product which will be not used as widely as we would wish. Continue reading

Hello world once again!

Hello dear readers,

In this post I would like to share the reasons why I am coming back to the same old idea of bloging. Also to let you know what you can expect during the upcoming month. Or more.

After reading the blog post by Rokiškis Rabinovičius I have caught  myself thinking: why irrationality stops the growth of JobRely. Afterwards I have started an intensive self analysis and understood, that:

  • If something is not changed by me I will loose control of my current life (scary, huh?)
  • Finances will become a big issue for me soon if I continue working on JobRely.
  • Personal life will become fucked up and afterwards it will start rolling down the hill.
  • Distraction comes too often to my daily work.
  • Quite often I do work (tasks) about which I am not happy.

So what can I do? First I must agree that to solve problems I need to make unpleasant actions. And afterwards accept the outcome. While thinking what motivates me, empowers to collect all the strengths, accumulate and use the power inside towards the goal I understood the same old thing I had understood from time to time before:

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