Hard wednesday planing


Started working from 9, how ever only now writing the daily morning blogpost. As I mentioned in a previous blogpost, yesterday had two glasses of beer. Well guess what – I became alcohol intolerant and even now feeling slow, a bit dizzy. It is a sign that I am getting older^^. Lets move on with daily planing:

Payed works:

  • Preparation for the new W project (already done)
  • First design improvements for the W
  • Design review for G project


  • Front page finalization (module rewriting)


  • Two meetings + beer with classmates.. Must deliver my promises… And not to get drunk ^^

That`s all. Feeling better so must use my energy to catch up and erase the slow start of the day : -)


Tuesday: Importance for the team being open

Hi there,

Well today I have nothing to write about the undone tasks. How ever I can dedicate more time and write my fresh and a bit drunk (we didn`t drink much during our team meeting) thoughts related with the team. As you may understand from the name, I am writing about the openness in the team.

Quite often when I am speaking with my friends I hear them in different words  saying, that they would like to say something to their bosses. Something specific and bad. How ever they don`t say it. Or say before quiting the job. In one hand it helps to decrease the tension among the team members. For a while, in another hand it delays the problem. And the further you delay the problem – the bigger it gets.

So for the startup it is a crucial need for cofounders to be open. To be able to tell if someone doesn`t have enough money for the needed marketing actions to take. To tell that he is not able during the next month to dedicate even one full day for the startup. To tell that the current plan sucks and that it needs to be reviewed.. You name it.

And if you are not comfortable with being open with your cofounders – you are with the wrong people. If people are not comfortable with you – you are doing something wrong. You are not close with them enough. And you will fail.

Why failure is so close? Well if the core team is not speaking to each other openly, the team is reacting to the treats slow. Slow reaction means that the other team will do better. And will overgrow over hypothetical startup.

How to overcome yourself and start being open? Dedicate a month or two for getting to know your cofounders if you have built a new team. Afterwards if you are not comfortable with being open – change team members. If you think it is you – try thinking in a way that “if I am not open, my team will not know about my weaknesses and will not be able to know how to back up me. No back up – I am the weakest part and I should leave. If I don`t want to leave – I must change.

I know how do you feel – I went through it myself back in some years. How ever I became open to my team. I am not sharing my passwords, but I am sharing:

  •  what matters to me,
  • why I am doing what I am doing,
  • what I dislike,
  • what I am working for.

And believe me, this works not only in startups, but in any business you do with a team.


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Tuesday morning post – focus on the usability

Good morning,

Spent already an hour working and forgot to blog! This is not the way to start my day. I want to create a habit for myself : -) So writing now:

Payed work:

  • Updates to G, base platform setup for G and first batch of test products.
  • Drupal review.
  • Updates for UD + kick into their ass for the communication issues.
  • Clients hunt ^^.


  • Physical meeting – preparation +beer.
  • Updates for backend  listing according to Rūta comments.

That`s all, folks (for now) : -)



Day Six – Evening Review and memories of wanna be partners


Feeling tired as a horse after the long day, therefor only short review what was not done:

Payed work:

  • review the Drupal solution request (new lead)
  • >customer will approach tomorrow morning


  • new batch of testing
  • > not ready yet ://
  • development unfinished from last week
  • > not everything is finished

As you see, performance is not the perfect. When looking back I would say I spent only 8 productive hours + extra hour to help one friend to prepare for the job interview as a product manager.

And before sleep my short story from the startups life: during the work with Crafts World I have met a few guys of my age who were really enthusiastic about the project. They shared the same story (tho I would say they never ever meet each other): I have really the same idea, so lets cooperate. I can also invest some money! With my partner Andzelika we waisted some of our time mingling with them, trying to get to know each other better and so on. At the end of the day lesson learned was quite simple: if you want to check if somebody is suitable for partner position when you need not only money, but some work too – give him/her some tasks with strict (and agreed by both sides) deadlines.

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Day Six – the Start of the Week

Good Monday morning!

The new week have started so before planing the current week and day it is important to reflect what has been done. As it is not something really interesting for you I`ll just say that day cutting into parts have worked for me to increase my productivity a bit. Also I feel less often that part of my work doesn`t get as much attention as needed. How ever I will need to learn to switch parts of the day when meetings with clients are at the second part.

For those of you wondering what did happen yesterday (Sunday): I decided that on weekends I`ll blog whenever I feel ready for that. And that one blogpost is more then enough. Therefor my Saturday post (read it if you haven`t!) was all you received for the weekend. For Sunday I did some work on the clients project, went out mushrooms picking, had a great meal and spend more quality time with my GF. At the evening, of course, watched basketball and lost the toto :/ At the very last game.

Todays plan is simple: to be as productive as possible:

Payed work:

  • find the agreement on G contract,
  • review the first design works for the G,
  • analyze eCommerce solution request (new lead),
  • review the Drupal solution request (new lead)


  • weekly meeting preparation
  • team tasks review
  • new batch of testing
  • development unfinished from last week

So for now I think it is enough, it is time to start working!


Saturday post: the importance of team in a Startup. Cofounders meeting (II)


For weekends I decided to have only one post and save some time for either sleep or some rest. How ever not to disappoint my readers I plan to write longer posts. And let myself to work without any plans so no intros with tasks to be done.

If you have`nt read the first part of how team starts forming (from my experience), please follow this link. Also  about terms: initiator(s) – a person(ppl), who came with the idea. Cofounders – first people who work on making idea come true for future shares. Some people divide shares from the start (I did that as well, this is simply stupid).

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Friday sum up


After our basketball win I`ll be short and will celebrate the game by watching a movie, sleeping enough.

What was not done:

  •  Go through testing responses and fix issues
  • >many left not fixed
  • Solve jQuery and Mootools conflict (brrr)
  • >didn`t get a deep look enough
  • Do a workout
  • > Ups, lazy me..:/

So that`s it, folks! Its friday :)


Day three – the friday planing

Good morning. This morning post will be short and without longer sharing about the personal experience. Have some urgent works so saving my time. Not to waste your time, shortly before evening:

Casual startup change members, cofounders can be changed as well. So check with whom into bed work you are going. And run a “trial” before promising any shares. A person that is good at payed job is not always the same good on voluntary work with a salary far far far away. I experienced that. Not once.

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Day two Evening – Importance of a Professional Team (I)

Good evening, dear readers.

One more “public day” went I am sitting in front of two blue screens. In one I can see my reflection, another shows basketball (I am fan of football, but this madness have sucked me in). Because I`ve heard some complaints that it is more interesting to read my minds then my daily performance I`m changing the “template” of my posts.

The topic I wanted to touch is the team formation and how it might look. At the early stage you have no other resources then your and your colleagues time. How ever selecting right cofounders is a huge challenge. I`ll start with different kinds of team start and will elaborate more tomorrow on this topic.

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Day two – morning planing and feeling shitty

Good morning,

Hope all is going good with yours. For me the eyes are clapping, I am feeling sleepy, got out of the bed at 7:45 instead of 7;/. Note for myself: need to keep the sleeping schedule or my rest woun`t be as quality as needed. Or will feel each morning as I had a hangover before.

Daily planing:


  • Prepare budget for G, start preparing the contract,
  • Make angry calls to some lazy people who own me money for works
  • Meet Lukas and start his transition
  • To follow up our sales to Russia


  • Finish the companies part
  • Review the testing comments and fix small issues
  • Prepare for the evening skype call
  • Find out more about I**** with a person (Kr…) who was in contact with them before


  • Try to fix a bike tire (not sure if it will work, but want to get back my own transportation)
  • Move DNS hosting from IV to Hostex (still cname records are not changed. A shame for IV), add posting tags for previous posts and do some minor google seo. Make a public list in this blog regarding the promised future blogposts.

As you see, more dedication to JobRely to compensate yesterdays time looses.

What I want to share this morning from Startups life is the need of support from the people who surround you. It is an old as a world telling that you need to have somebody close to you. When you are giving almost everything you can for some project/product even you are not sure if it will workout, people around you sometimes are the only reason why you don`t quit. Because nobody else cares till you make it. And usually you always plan to do everything faster then in reality it goes.

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